Friday, September 5, 2008


Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

1. All four computers in my house are somehow not connected to the Internet. I wonder if other people are having the same trouble?

2. I cannot access my blog though I was able to do so this morning. I read some of the comments.

3. I wanted to reply but I can only do so imprecisely from memory.

4. One comment asked me what am I doing about the current situation and my criticisms about it? It also suggested what I should do.

5. I have always been asked to do "something". I had done my best and:

a) I had openly blamed Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and asked him to step down

b) I had criticised his decision on the bridge

c) I have openly accused him of corruption

d) I have told UMNO leaders and members that they are destroying UMNO etc etc


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